July 2016

Food Glorious Food!

Suffolkfoodie at Pettafiesta

We thought we’d do an update just on food.   We’re always thinking about what delicious treat we’re going to eat next (and how many lengths we’re gonna have to swim to burn it off!) and so great food is very important to us.   We think we must be the only festival in the land where whole meals will be cooked on the campfire, and this year at Pettafiesta we are delighted to have not one but two separate cafes.

Firstly we have Gringo’s Campfire Cafe.   This is going to be in downtown Pioneertown close by the Snakebite bar.   Gringo will be cooking the Friday night dinner which many of you have pre-booked at £5 a head (and those who haven’t can do so by emailing info@pettafiesta.com).   The menu for the Saturday starts with a campfire-cooked mexican breakfast – including of course huevos rancheros.   Gringo’s speciality is to supply the busy folk of  Pioneeertown with a cheap and cheerful bite to eat before they head on their way about their daily business and Gringo’s Saturday menu is here.    Gringo will be standing down Saturday night (ready to go off to to a spot of gold panning on Sunday) so that any of you punters who fancy it can have a go at cooking your own campfire breakfast on Sunday morning.


Meanwhile, up by the main stage we bring you the debut of The Little House of Cooking.   This is a new Suffolkfoodie venture which will start appearing as a pop-up across venues in Suffolk over the coming months.   The Little House Of Cooking will be serving posh breakfast followed by posh lunch, afternoon tea and dinner on Saturday.   Check out their mouthwatering menu and timings here.


On Sunday there’s going to be a massive barbecue brunch, with all the usual barbecued treats including vegetarian options.  Then, while we’re all leaping around for the ceilidh, we mean hoedown, the Little House will be getting a sedate afternoon tea ready by the moat.   The menu for  Sunday is here, and if all this talk about food and these amazing menus doesn’t make you think about what you’re having for tea tonight, we don’t know what will!

Suffolkfoodie is the brainchild of Ruth Bolton and Claire Frank.   Ruth owned, set up and ran the critically acclaimed restaurant The Chalice in Bury St Edmunds not once but twice.   Suffolkfoodie is a regular food blog, mostly focussing on Suffolk but occasionally branching further afield, especially to the new breeding ground of pop-up restaurants in East London.

So, make sure that when you  come to Pettafiesta, you come with an empty stomach and with your tastebuds ready to leap into action.

Please note that food will not be available 24/7 so do look out for changes to timings which will be announced on blackboards.  

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