July 2016

Happy New Year!

Ok so we may be a bit late with our new year wishes, but we have been building a Noah’s ark to get away from all this RAIN!   It’s nice to start thinking about the summer and Pettafiesta.   This week we decided to have the world’s biggest game of DONKEY at Pettafiesta on both Saturday and Sunday mornings to wake everyone up.  Ok, maybe Pettaugh’s biggest game of DONKEY.   Don’t know what DONKEY is?   It’s a game of table tennis where you get huge numbers of people at either end of the table each with several lives which can be lost with each mistake made, but only able to hit the ball once before running up to the other end.  It is frantic and sudden death (hopefully not literally) and a lot of fun.   We’ve also been thinking about running a songwriter’s camp ahead of Pettafiesta with performances of the resulting songs at the festival, and we’ve started talking looking at putting on a virtual performance which sounds weird but is going to be REALLY cool.   The website is nearly there – the odd clunk and whirr for which you need to be patient.   Gonna start tweeting soon if only we can remember the password…   Spread the word!  xx

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