July 2016

Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!


As you may have heard if you follow our social media, the first posts for Pioneertown have gone in, the grass has been cut ready for the campers and we even got a marquee up at the weekend, AND we’re once again speaking to each other (after a brief period of stoney silence and a slightly longer period of hurling insults).

The wristbands have been ordered, better late than never, but this means that they will be on the gate for collection and won’t be sent out beforehand.   We’ve had quite a few orders for dinner on Friday night but, if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to book if you’d like to reserve some chow, cooked on the campfire by our friends at Suffolkfoodie.  Only a fiver a head for 2 courses and coffee.   Let us know ininfo@pettafiesta.com.  Bring your own marshmallows to toast (we’ve been practising as you can see here!).

We also wanted to show you some of the work of celebrated mosaicist Emma Biggs, who will be doing a masterclass at Pettafiesta.   She’s a genius.   When you see her, see if you can stop yourself from telling her “you must have the patience of a saint – it looks so fiddly” – we never can, and we have to say she takes it with very good grace.

Joining Emma at Pettafiesta will be her husband, Bafta award winning art expert, writer, broadcaster and painter, Matthew Collings.  The only person who can explain art to philistines like us (speak for yourself – Ed) , he will be running a practical tutorial on portrait painting.

We’ve still got a few things up our sleeve which we’re working on, but in the meantime dust off your sleeping bags, dig out your head torch and, as Andy loves to say, “tent up now, bunk up later” (and if you know what that’s a quote from, you need to be doing our Sunday afternoon tea pub quiz).


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