July 2016

Songwriting competition and writers’ camp


Songwriting Competition Flyer copy


Enter our songwriting competition and win the chance to join our writers’ camp
Work with professional songwriters, hone your craft, learn about the business.

We’ve thought for a long time it would be the perfect place to have a songwriting camp, where writers work with other writers to inspire each other into writing amazing songs. Music publishers run them all the time for writers signed to them and we thought we would run one here for 16-24 year olds who don’t have access to other songwriting camps . So we’re running a competition with entries needing to be submitted by the end of March, a live final in Ipswich on Friday 2nd May 2014 at the Cult Cafe, and then running a songwriting camp here on 29th and 30th May. We may even have a mini gig on 30th May for friends and families to listen to the fruits of their loved ones’ labours. Either way, the website will be updated to give you a full run down on events so stay tuned / sign up etc. Oh and did we mention we are having a festival on 4th-6th July? Maybe some of the songwriters will perform some of their new songs if we ask them nicely. Click here for full details.

PS we are really trying to speed up our website so please bear with us. xx


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