July 2016

The Boring Shizzle!

(Can’t think of an exciting way to present this information)


So we admit it, we haven’t got the wristbands yet.  That’s because we ordered them too late because we spent way too much time organising entertainment.  Therefore, we will be leaving your wristbands on the gate under the name of the person who paid for the tickets.  If you were buying for more than one party and you’re travelling separately please let us know so that we can leave the right number of wristbands under the right name.

If you’re coming on Friday, please try and arrive between 5pm and 9pm.   We don’t want to electrocute you, which is a risk if you arrive before we are fully health and safety compliant.

Between arrival and dinner there will be boat rides, you can practice your table tennis and maybe get a henna tattoo for the weekend.  If it’s wet (which it WONT BE!) we’ll put a film on in the shed and if it’s sunny (which it WILL BE!) we can have a campsite game of rounders.  Or just enjoy the summer evening with a bottle of rose or prosecco (both available at very reasonable prices from the bar).  Dinner will be served around 7.30 (it will be dependent on the fire stokers to make sure that the fire is the optimum temperature for cooking), so it won’t be an exact science, which is all part of the fun.  This will be followed by our outdoor singalonga screening at around 9pm.

If you are going to arrive after 9pm on Friday we won’t lock you out, but please let us know what time you think you’ll get here so that we can make sure you get the warm welcome you deserve (and so that we don’t have to put a lonely person on the gate for 4 hours waiting for you when they could be singing “whip crackaway”!).

The site will close at midnight on Friday and reopen at 7.30am on Saturday.   On Saturday night it will close at 1am and reopen at 7.30 am Sunday.  On Sunday it will close an hour after the last performance.  The entertainment was going to finish around 4, but Andy couldn’t resist putting another band on who will play at 4, so the site will close around 6.

Please leave your dogs at home.  Really sorry to instigate this rule, but none of the big festivals allow dogs for sensible reasons and we are not set up here to deal with dog-related issues. Heck, bring your dog for a visit another time and we will give you a cup of tea and your dog a bowl of water, but not at Pettafiesta.

Please remember to bring a torch as the ground is very uneven and we don’t want any twisted ankles.  We will have lovely flushing loos, a stand pipe, and a washroom with cubicles for private washing for those of you wanting to stand naked and pour a jug of water over your head, but we won’t have fully functioning showers.    Please note that all the dirt here is clean dirt so showering should be entirely unnecessary in any event, and Clint Eastwood only had a bath once a year.   We do have a swimming pool but swimming is not permitted due to the numbers of people and size of the pool, so please don’t be tempted to hurl yourselves in it if you don’t want to be sent home!

Finally remember the motto of the Icelandic nation:  “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”   Please bring your most aggressive knitwear for the cold evenings – we haven’t yet had one of those nights when you can stay out all night in a t-shirt – regardless of how sunny it is during the day, although we’re living in hope for the weekend!

If you feel you haven’t seen enough rules and boring shizzle in this email, please go to the website for further info.

Daily email alerts from now on!  The next one will be to confirm the final musical lineup.   The designers are moving in tomorrow so we will send you some little snippets of pix as Pioneertown takes shape.  Yeeeehaw!

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