July 2016

The Build Starts!

Pioneertown’s going up.

As those of you following us on facebook and twitter will have seen, the first post went into the ground today ready for the building of Pioneertown.   Soon the pioneers will be arriving, with their dust wagons and mules (mules get free entry btw).   The tequila girls are practising their seductive ways – beware of the offer of free tequila, boys!

The musical line up is nearly complete.   As you know the wonderful Kathryn Williams is headlining and we have got a great selection of bands across various genres to keep you entertained.   The full list will be going on the website this week.

We thought you might like a couple of pictures from the songwriting camp which we got a real buzz out of.  With input from local writers such as Andy Hill and Jan Pulsford (who’s doing an ambient multi-media set by the campfire on the Saturday night), Skype participation from Kathryn herself and the marvellous Miranda Cooper (Girls Aloud hit machine) and industry advice from some very senior A&R guys we had 3 cracking songs written and recorded within 24 hours.  These talented writers will be performing at our Pettafiesta Presents showcase on the main stage Saturday afternoon.

But there’s so much more than music.   Our commitment to support young talent extends into drama and comedy but not spoken word where we’re excited about hearing some golden nuggets of wisdom from Will Page (Spotify) and Tim Hunkin (Southwold pier mechanical guru) amongst others.

We’ve met with Suffolkfoodie to discuss the foodie weekend and we are going to have festival food like no other.  They’ll be cooking mexican breakfasts on the campfire on Saturday, but will vacate the fire should any of you guys want to fry your own breakfasts in the fire on Sunday morning (we suggest you bring disposable frying pans and a pot of water should the bacon catch fire!).

We’re looking for a pre-production intern if anyone knows anyone who might be interested please send them our way – info@pettafiesta.com – preferably with their own transport or they might never get here.   We’ll pay travel expenses and pocket money.

We’re really trying hard to spread the word about Pettafiesta, but given how rubbish we are at it we really appreciate all your help in liking us on Facebook, retweeting us and generally spreading the news.

Not long now before we can all sit around the campfire –  as you can see below the songwriters have had a headstart on you!

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